External Attack Surface Management: Cegeka uses Sweepatic to monitor its IT attack surface (video)

Cybersecurity is still extremely important in companies. Cyber attacks can not only cripple the entire corporate infrastructure, but also have serious consequences – often associated with high costs. For this reason, it is essential to be able to identify unknown or unmanaged online assets in the attack surface at an early stage, before cyber criminals exploit these vulnerabilities for themselves. In this way, sources of danger can be eliminated in advance and business processes can be maintained.

Cegeka Group, a European IT solutions, services and consultancy company, wants to keep track of and control its attack surface at all times. This is especially crucial in their mergers and acquisitions strategy. With Sweepatic’s External Attack Surface Management platform, the company is able to monitor its external perimeter continuously. Combining the Sweepatic EASM solution with targeted external threat hunting tests, like penetration tests, provides the threat hunters at Cegeka with multiple points of view that can be leveraged for rapid response. The integration and automation options, will enable Cegeka to react to incidents and non-compliance more quickly and automatically.

About Sweepatic
Sweepatic is a European provider of External Attack Surface Management. The cloud-based SaaS platform automates the continuous mapping, monitoring and managing of all internet-connected assets – making organizations an unpopular attack target for cybercriminals. Running 24/7, the ECSO-certified Sweepatic Platform delivers attack surface data and analysis on a clear dashboard and via notifications. In this way, Sweepatic supports companies in reducing and structuring the attack surface and prioritizing findings. You can find out more at https://www.sweepatic.com.

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